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Limousine Miami for your Art Basel show

Hire a private Limo Miami and get to the Art Basel show with styleWinter season came to Miami Beach, and the international Art Basel show comes with it every year at the beginning of D... more »

Where to stay in Coral Gables

As Miami Limo wants you to be informed not only about the wonderful city of Miami and South beach, but also for surrounding cities like Coral Gables. So, here you are a list of the 5 best hotels in th... more »

Where to eat in West Miami

Miami Limo wants you to spend a good time in the city, delighting your palate with exquisite food not only in Miami Downtown, but also in surrounding cities like West Miami. That’s why this time we ... more »

Best restaurants in Doral, Florida

Sedan Service Miami wants you to delight your palate with exquisite food not only in Miami, but also in surrounding cities like Doral. That’s why we bring you some info about the best restaurants in... more »

Best hotels in Miami Springs, Florida

Miami Limo has new and fresh information for your next tour in South Florida. This time we’re writing about the beautiful city of Miami Springs. And we’re going to focus on the 5 best places to st... more »

Visit Hialeah with Sedan Service

Miami Sedan Service does not only provide transportation services, but also wishes you to be informed about the wonderful city of Hialeah in Miami-Dade County. So, here you are the 5 recommended place... more »

What to do in Miami Shores, Florida

Just at the north of Miami, there’s a nice village named Miami Shores offering interesting places for staying, eating, entertainment and more. And Miami Sedan Service has gathered some value info ab... more »

Best hotels in Miramar, Florida

Miami Limo wishes you to be updated with value information not only about Miami, but also for surrounding cities like Miramar. So, here you are the 5 best hotels in this city to enjoy a good staying w... more »

Places to eat in Miami

With Miami Sedan Service you can have a tour around the city and see which eating places are the best to satisfy your appetite. 5 recommended places to eat in Miami Cane Fire Grille: If you’ve ... more »

Visit South Beach with Miami Limo

Miami Limo introduces you the beautiful and tropical neighborhood of South Beach. Located in the city of Miami Beach - Florida, South Beach or also known as SoBe has so many attractions for ... more »

Best Restaurants in Delray Beach for this 2016

Delight your palate with the most exquisite and variable gastronomy in one of the Palm Beach County cities named Delray Beach. This coastal city owns some of the best restaurants in Florida and... more »

Best Gelato in Miami

Miami Limo brings you one of the most delicious desserts you can delight in Miami. This time we are writing about the exquisite and yummy Ice Cream or also known as Gelato (Italian Term).  Thi... more »

Restaurants in Boynton Beach for this 2016

Sedan Service Miami wants you to enjoy your palate with exquisite and variable food not only in Miami, but also in the tropical hometown city of Boynton Beach. That’s why you can check the 5 Best ... more »

Hotels in Homestead to visit this 2016

Miami Limo has made some research on the internet about this beautiful city and bring you the 5 most visited hotels in Homestead. Take a look at the lines below: 5 Best Hotels in HomesteadCourtyar... more »

5 Key West hotels to visit this 2016

If your next destination is Key West, you should better get some information about the hospitality in this area. Key West, better known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, is the perfect ... more »