Monday, June 02, 2014

3 Latin discos in Miami to dance all night

3 Latin discos in Miami to dance all night

If you are in Miami and plan your weekend, definitively the following content is made for you. Here you will find the best Latin discos where entertainment, fun, music and drinks are the principal reasons for your dreamed night. Take a look at some of them.


It is about a entertained Cuban bar disc where the environment and the customer service are inspired by the Caribbean island. The piqueos and drinks are you imagine are also inspired by this, although its clean and brilliant floor makes people dance all night

Baru Urbano

The Latin youth move montains and here it has a merecely tribute through excelent walls and floors of white and light blue colors. It means, an environment mixed between turquoise drinks Es decir un ambiente mezclado entre tragos turquesas con mesas de color plata que se ordenen en forma de S para que el ritmo no pare toda la noche.

La Covaca

Latin music, especially the salsa and merengue, is here and it is the home the best represents for many people in all the United States. It is almos imposible to talk on weekend because of the big amount of men and women on the floor. Are you looking for a major approximation with the Latin culture? Definitively you will have it in this local.

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