Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3 months to discover Marathon FL

3 months to discover Marathon FL

Another area of the Florida Keys that usually catches the interest of the tourists is Marathon. This is a place where luxe and power are mixed in order to offer fine level artistic shows, and you also appreciate its white sand and light blue sea. Do you want to know which months of the year the most appropriate are. So take a look at the info below.


It is the month where many activities are usually taken in the area because of its mild climate about 22 and 23 degrees Celsius. People also take advantage of it to make many musical shows on the beach, especially the one related to rock and Caribbean genres.


After some months where the temperature reaches to 30 degrees Celsius, October is the indicated month to go sightseeing in this part of South Florida. The local restaurants promote courses and special buffets to encourage people to other culinary alternatives.


It is interesting to close the year with a good ending in Marathon. So, special events as fireworks, allegorical parades, games for children and others are held. Also, it is famous its end of a season parties, especially the ones held on the beach.

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