Friday, May 16, 2014

4 beaches in South Florida for vacationing

4 beaches in South Florida for vacationing

Vacation is coming soon and you are already planning your trip in South Florida. However, you may lack of a concrete proposal that guarantees your group full entertainment. If that is your case, here we are sharing some of the beaches where you can spend friendly and exotic nights.

Cape Florida

Located in Miami, its calm water and clear sand have made it a favorite place to camping on vacation. Its lighthouse is another attraction where you can see the wildlife and flora from there.

Calasedi Island

For many it is a mixture of beach and natural reserve because exclusive species that live only there are can be appreciated. Here many people from different country usually spend time for relaxing.

Siesta Beach

It is another option with ample fine and white sand with a beautiful and clear sea perfect for water sports. It is one of your best options for taking a dip.

New Smyrna Beach

Maybe you are practicing surf and want to be better in your free time. If so, visit this charming area with appropriate waves on the sea for training. In addition, many tournaments of this kind of sport are held in this beach.

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