Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4 natural attractions in Ft Lauderdale you shouldn’t miss

4 natural attractions in Ft Lauderdale you shouldn’t miss

If you are renting Fort Lauderdale car service with chauffeur for your transfer to Fort Lauderdale, then you will need more than one day to discover the wonderful things in this city, especially the natural attractions which are the best according to some quizzes. Here we are sharing some of them.

Everglades National Park

It is very famous for its swamps and lagoons that are there as well as the huge lizards- Ask for guide’s assistance if you want to discover them.

Flamingo Gardens

Apart from the flamingos flying around this area, you will see more than 70 bird species.

John Lloyd Beach State Park

It is appropriate for diving activities and fishing; however, it is recommendable that you do it with a guide of the area.

Butterfly World

It is a forest where you will see multiple-color butterflies, colibris, and other little birds. The best season to visit it is spring (from April to June).

Discover an espectacular contact with nature

Now you know it! Live moments that are so full of adventure in one of the places above offered by the nature in South Florida. Remember that it is a good option for requesting Fort Lauderdale car service and take a tour with your dear ones.