Thursday, May 08, 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach

Limousine Service for Art Basel Transportation

Art enthusiasts around the world should not miss this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach which is held on first week of December of each year. Patterned after the world’s highly esteemed art event – The Art Basel of Switzerland, this art show is definitely a must-see highlight in the cultural and social development in the United States. The event always surprises its guests with several galleries that cater to different forms of art – film, architecture, theater arts, fine arts, music, and others. The art show is not limited to display exhibitions and the usual presentations. Rather, it has embraced a whole new level of art staging composed of luxurious parties and other crossover events held at carefully selected sites along the Art Deco District of Miami

This year, coordinators proudly announced that they will offer an exclusive selection of 250 galleries of contemporary artworks from more than 2,000 world-renowned artists and rising art stars. What’s more impressing is that the show will also feature special sections for performance art, video art, and other public art endeavors. Artists and amateurs alike treat the event as a chance to meet and greet the biggest names in the international art world. 

As a whole, the art show will be the perfect venue for exploring and discovering the most recent developments in modern-day art. If you are an art collector, an art dealer, curator, critic, or just a plain art lover, make it a point to participate in this awaited winter event. And, since thousands of guests are expected to be at the Art Basel Limo Service in Miami Beach event, secure your ride way ahead of time. Instead of relying on public transportation and missing your chance to meet famed artists, reserve a transport service and arrive at the exhibit venues on time.