Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Looking for a good car service in Miami to visit the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park? 

Very near from Miami downtown, you can enjoy a tropical paradise that seems tobelong to the past. Nowadays is a recreational park, where you can have a sunbath, take a ride in a bike, use a kayak to explore the beaches, have a nice meal, make a picnic, or climb to the top of the lighthouse, which happens to be the oldest standing construction in Miami. There is much to enjoy nothing better than having a Miami car service

The lighthouse was made after Florida became part of the USA, and the views you get from the top are amazing. Besides, it is still useful for sailors as a guide. Moreover, its beach is always among the top 10 beaches in the USA.

As many attractions in Miami, the best way to meet them is in a car, because the distances between the street, downtown, restaurants, and other services, make more useful to have your car than using the public  bus service, moreover if you come along your family. Besides, public buses have schedules to fulfill while having a car you control your time. There are many options and you can have a Sedan service miami

Since we know this need, we provide the service of renting a fine car to make you easier your visit to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. This could be a sport car, a nice sedan, or even a SUV, we guarantee security, comfort, and style. Besides, if you’d rather a chauffer to enjoy fully your time and have some drinks, it can be easily arranged, leave us to be your particular driver.  Make your journey easier a car service Miami