Friday, December 19, 2014

Car Service Miami for Vero Beach

car service miami for vero beach

Why is Vero Beach unique and so interesting?

Car Service Miami has the following news: Vero Beach is located in the Florida East coast, around 130 km at the north of Miami. It has unique attractive that makes it a good choice to meet a different beach. There are 3 main beaches called South Beach, Jaycee Beach and Humiston Beach. There you have lifeguard service, showers, beverage service. Pets are not allowed.

The main activities are in the water. If you like to practice surfing, you may know that some of the best USA surfers are from Vero Beach. Snorkeling in the sea and the coral reef are incredible, but the best is the ruins of an authentic Spanish galleon from 1715. Water skiing, kayak, and fishing are available too.

Beyond the beach, there are many activities to do, as play golf, play tennis, skate parks, a pool. Cultural spaces are the Mc Larty Museum, the Vero Beach Museum of Art, and the Mc Kee Botanical garden. Moreover, there are hotels for all the pockets, from the very simple to the very luxury.

Discover a different beach with professional Car Service Miami

Since there are many attractions into the beach, and it is around one hour from Miami, a private car is the best way to get there, moreover if you go along your family or friends. Therefore, we offer professional car service Miami with chauffeur in order to make easier your trip. A nice Lincoln Towncar, maybe an aggressive SUV, or exclusive limousines are available for you. Check our fleet and give us a call to get the best price. You won’t regret it!