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Limousine Miami for your Art Basel show

Hire a private Limo Miami and get to the Art Basel show with styleWinter season came to Miami Beach, and the international Art Basel show comes with it every year at the beginning of D... more »

10 facts about cars to read this 2016

Did you ever think that cars could have some interesting and crazy facts you probably don’t know? It may sound weird, but it’s true that the vehicle you take every day for getting to school, wo... more »

Miami Limo for Special Occasions

With Miami Limo, you can have a lot of fun without concerning about the driving. You may be attending a birthday party, a corporate meeting, a night out of the city or a special wedding day and a p... more »

Best suits for men with Miami Limo

How to find the best suits for men?For special, formal and romantic occasions such as a wedding event, there are classic elements to keep in mind as for example the suit for the man. As you know, t... more »

Miami Limo for the Italian Film Festival (IFF) 2015

IntroductionMovies. Despite the fact that internet plus smartphones are challenging TV and movies as entertainment, movies are still one of the most popular ways to spend a nice time. First, they make... more »

Purity Ring in Fillmore Miami 09/11

If you wanna attend one of the great electronic music concerts in September, do not miss the chance to see Purity Ring in Miami Beach. If you like parties, this concert of electronic music is you, whe... more »

Find a Limo Service in Miami for Special Events

A Limo is a luxury vehicle typical on wealthy people (politicians, businessman, singers, actors, and so on) who can afford to buy them and pay the regular maintenance. However, it does not mean that c... more »

5 Reasons to Take a Limo Service on July Fourth

July Fourth or Fourth of July refer to the Independence Day in the United States of America, one of the most important national celebration. A remind of the day when our forefathers announced the Decl... more »

Independence Day Limo Service in Miami

The Independence Day in the United States of America, as we know very well, is a national party because also known as July Fourth or Fourth of July. It celebrates the day when it was announced the Dec... more »

Each Wedding Needs a Great limo Miami service

News provided by our limo miami: A wedding is a special time for many couples that desire to join their lives through the ancient ceremony of the wedding, that consist in joining a man and a woma... more »

Nicky Romero in Fort Lauderdale

A DJ is not some guy that play the music in a party or a concert, is a person that knows a lot of music and the preferences of the people, so the meeting is always animated and following the plan of t... more »

Nick Jonas at the American Airlines Arena

Nick Jonas is a famous young singer. Despite his youth (he was born in September 16th, 1992, Dallas, Texas), he is also a musician, actor, producer and musical director. Not bad for such a short life ... more »

Descemer, his concert in Miami

Attend the Descemer concert with professional serviceNews from Miami town car service. Have you heard of Descemer Bueno? Surely you have, he is one of the best Cuban classic guitar players graduated f... more »

Wicked, the musical

Have a great time enjoying Wicked the musicalNews from car service in Miami. Wicked is a musical based on Gregory Maguire novel, who propose a parallel story to the famous The Wizard of Oz, from the p... more »

Motown, the musical

Enjoy the best songs developed by the best singers through Motown the musicalNews from Miami limousine service. Motown was a pioneer company that provided the necessities for the color singers so they... more »