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Andy Grammer in Orlando this June

The composer and musical producer Andy Grammer is coming this Saturday, June 21 in Orlando to offer an awaited musical show and also talk with the press and followers about the coming projects,... more »

Lil Boosie welcomes the 2014 summer in Tampa

The rapper Lil Boosie (32) is coming to Tampa-South Florida this Friday, June 20. He is welcoming the beginning of the 2014 summer with music that is captivating millions of people in all... more »

Brian Regan in Pompano Beach this June

The comedian Brian Regan is offering a show this coming June 12 in Pompano Beach, South Florida; where apart of sharing his particular jokes he will also tell some anecdote... more »

Exquisite beverages in the Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards 2014 of Orlando

Orlando is ready to welcome to the event “Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards”, the coming on June 22, 23 and 24 in the area of Clermont, origin the anticipation of hundreds of p... more »

Choose your favorite month for your trip to Key Largo

Get ready to discover the attractions in Key Largo on vacations or leisure time by choosing the season where the temperature is good for sunbathing. Believe us you will find peace an... more »

Discover the Key West temperature per month

For taking a tour around the exotic Key West, you should see which month the most appropriate is for it. So, it is necessary to discover the number of degrees Celsius special in holiday season... more »

Myths and facts about the Key West temperature

Because the doubt should not produce inconvenient in your plans, we have written this article in order to answer the principal wonders about the climate of the hot city of Key West, located in... more »

The Florida Keys: Its temperature per period

The Florida Keys is a group of islands that receive thousands of tourists from different countries when vacationing in the United States. Besides its big fame, hundreds of people look for speci... more »

Key Largo: The perfect month to discover it

Thousands of people want to discover the touristic attractions found in Key Largo, which is one of the tropical islands located in the Florida Keys. However, there has been little information about... more »

Ottmar Liebert in Orlando this June

The New Age is fashionable and one of its main exponents named Ottmar Liebert takes it to Orlando through a great concert. This is being hold the coming Tuesday, June 10 in th... more »

Country by Zac Brown Band in WPB this June 1

The country band Zac Brown Band is giving a spectacular show this coming Sunday, June 1 in West Palm Beach, South Florida. There, they will perform many of their hits to hundreds of ... more »

Modest Mouse in Orlando this May 15

The alternative rock by Modest Mouse has a date with you in Orlando. It will be this coming Thursday, May 15 in the interiors of The Beacham. There hundreds of people will attend and... more »

Country by LeAnn Rimes in Tampa this June 6

The talented country singer LeAnn Rimes is giving a show this coming Friday, June 6 in the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino-Tampa. She will be showing all of her talent to welcome the South Flo... more »

4 beaches in South Florida for vacationing

Vacation is coming soon and you are already planning your trip in South Florida. However, you may lack of a concrete proposal that guarantees your group full entertainment. If that is your case, her... more »

Miami Sedan Service in Fort Lauderdale: see the best month for tourism

We wish you make the best decisions when you are in Ft Lauderdale and probably you need a comfortable chauffeured Miami sedan service Florida for transportation. So, for that we are provi... more »