Thursday, january 29, 2015

Descemer, his concert in Miami

Descemer in Miami

Attend the Descemer concert with professional service

News from Miami town car service. Have you heard of Descemer Bueno? Surely you have, he is one of the best Cuban classic guitar players graduated from the Manuel Saumell and Amadeo Roldan conservatories in La Habana. He has being part of many groups where he showed his huge talent. In 1990 he made “Estado de Animo” group which played Cuban jazz with success. Then he was in “Columna B”, a jazz group. After that, he made “Yerba Buena”, a hip hop group whose songs are in many American movies and Pepsi advertising.

In addition, he spent a year in El Cabo, Africa, teaching. Also, in Cuba he started producing, arranging, and songwriting for new young talents. Besides, he is a writer who makes lyrics for other singers. In summary, a multitask artist that has been successful in almost every feature that an artist can do, with a social commitment. And he will be in Miami on March 13th at the Miami Dade County Auditorium.

Reliable transportation for a great concert

Guitar is by far one of the most popular music instruments among young people, added to the fact that there are many Cuban people in Miami, may you think that his concert will be a mess to get in and out. But there’s no need to miss this chance, you can avoid all the fuss by taking a professional Miami town car service.

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