Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum

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A car service Miami for the Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum

A museum houses objects that say something or many things about people in a special way, so they deserve a special place in order to be seen by many people and being well cared by a curator. In the Homestead case, the main historic things are the black and white photos, more than 120 ones that describe your events in the beginning. The other most cared object is an historic 1925 French fire truck in perfect condition.

In addition, there are films that you have to see, in order to understand the history of Homestead. With tittles as  “1912, the day the train arrived at key west”, “1926, Dade County”, “Tour hurricane Alley”, “Miccosukee and Seminole tribes of South Florida”, and so on.  Even though the museum is not large, everything is in perfect condition, and if you are able to talk to the curator, Mrs. Ruth Campbell, who will fascinate  you with the Homestead history.

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