Thursday, November 27, 2014

HM69 Nike Missile Base

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Visit the HM69 Nike Missile Base in Homestead, FL with comfort and style

One of the most impressive and massive weapons the army can use are missiles. Usually, they are kept in military facilities where they can’t be seen for civilians. However, if you want to visit a real missile base, Homestead houses an authentic missile base, you just have to make little trip to the south of Miami.

This base is a relic of the Cold War, made by the USA Army Corps of engineers and opened in 1964. It was constructed immediately after the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962. It was built in Everglades due to its strategic location near Cuba, to protect the USA. Of course this base was part of a larger defense system established in Florida.

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As many attractions near Miami, the best way to get there is by a comfortable car because it is more useful to have your vehicle instead of using the public  bus service, moreover if you come along your family, in order to move easily from Miami to the missile base. Your own car or a private service means you control your time and choose freely where to take a rest or have lunch or just stop to see something that you have curiosity to check.

According to this need, we could provide you a good Miami town car service to make easier your visit to HM-69 Missile Nike Base. This could be a Lincoln towncar sedan or executive SUVs, Vans, stretch limos and more. Any choice you make we guarantee security, comfort, and style. Besides, all of our cars come with professional chauffeur, so enjoy fully your time and maybe have some drinks. We do the driving!