Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homestead Miami Speedway

miami car service for homestead speedway

Ready to visit Homestead Miami Speedway with style?

News from Miami car service: Cars are the natural transportation for millions of Americans, and are one of the most loved possessions for men that made them proud or ashamed (according to the kind of their car). In this sense, a speedway to share this passion for car’s velocity was understandable, and you can feel that sensation in the Homestead Miami Speedway.

Located around 40 km at the south of Miami in the state of Homestead, it was opened in 1995 with a simple design racetrack. However, twice it was modify due to some accidents. Now it has 4 curves and 1.5 miles (or 2.4 km). Races as the Nascar, the Champ Car, and the Indy Car Series are performed there and attract many fans from USA and the world. Besides, you can rent an Indy-Style Car and drive as fast as you can.

Miami car service as your main transportation to Homestead

As many attractions near Miami, the best way to get there is by private and chauffeured car, because it is more useful to have your car than using the public bus service, moreover if you come along your family, in order to move easily from Miami to the racetrack, or after the races to a good restaurant or bar. Moreover, if you like cars, it has more sense you arrive in a car.

Since we know this, we could provide you the service of professional Miami car service with chauffeur to make easier your visit to Homestead Miami Speedway. This could be a sport car, a nice sedan, or even a SUV, and whatever you choose we guarantee security, comfort, and style. You don’t have to think about it a lot, just contact and get the best price in town.