Friday, November 21, 2014

Arrive at Kennedy Space Center with glamour

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Looking for luxury Miami limousine service to the Kennedy Space Center?

Have you ever wondered how people can get launched into the outside space? Amazed that humanity is able to travel to the moon and soon to Mars? Are you intrigued how 60’s technology helped to make possible a space travel? Wanna see a real spaceship launch? These questions and many other ones can be answered by a single visit to the Kennedy Space Center in luxury transportation such as Miami limousine service.

The Kennedy Space Center is located in Cabo Cañaveral at the North of Miami, founded in 1962, few years after the NASA creation. In order to get a complete idea of the space works, there are many places to visit, as: Rocket Garden, International Space Center, Apollo Saturn V  Center, IMAX Space Films, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, and other  ones. If you book carefully your visit, you could see a spaceship launch. Each place will provide you an incredible and interactive experience about its theme. 

Miami town car service for your trip

Since it takes about 3 hours to get there, the best way to get to Cabo Cañaveral is by private car, for the freedom it gives you to move wherever and whenever you want and do not depend on bus schedules, so you have total control of your time. Besides, this is more necessary if you travel with your family or friends. Moreover, Disneyworld Orlando is very near, and you could visit this 2 at once trip.

For all these reasons, we could offer you to rent a luxury Miami town car service as deserve such as a nice sedan, a Van, or a sport SUV. Be sure our cars are secure, comfortable, and have style. Besides, if you prefer to have a chauffeur so you don’t get tired by driving in order to enjoy more your trip, it can be easily arranged, let us make easier your trip, just try us.