Friday, May 16, 2014

Key West among the 20 most attractive cities in the world

Key West among the 20 most attractive cities in the world

The portal Tendencee made recently a list of the 20 most attractive cities in the world according to a current investigation where surprisely Key West – South Florida was included on the list, which is also one of the favorite places for couple to spend a nice afternoon outdoor.

Bars and restaurants, some of its reasons

According to that portal, the tourists that participated in this investigation said that as bars as restaurants are the principal attractions of this city and most of the children pointed that its sunny beaches is one of their favorite places.

“It is a full charming city, almost perfect to be real. “There are 19 cities so beautiful that it is impossible to believe that they are not part of movies” remarked the Brazilian digital site in the respective note, highlighting also other cities from Italy, France, Japan and Greece.

Summering in this tropical city on vacations

In this part the Florida Keys you will find everything needed for a sensational relax. For that, and if you are in Miami for other reasons, take a time and go to one of its beaches experiencing a great sensation in your body and soul feeling completely renewed. How? With a comfortable Car service Miami Florida with chauffeur.