Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Key West: 7 Best Restaurants

Key West 7 Best Restaurants

Key West is perhaps the most famous key from the Florida Keys. It is not only the most west point from the keys (that’s the reason of its name) but the most visited of all the keys. On the other hand, no matter where we are, at home or in a hotel far away from homeland, one of the main activities that we have is to eat; we have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, not talking about appetizers whenever we want.

According to this, it would be a good idea to review the main 7 restaurants in Key West, a brief idea of each one so you could have a forehand clue about then and choose what fits better with your customs. 


key west limoFirst thing to know is that this restaurant is in a little boat. Second, they take only 6 passenger per cruise, so booking your trip is necessary. However, once you are on board, the dinner is in a lovely beach where the sunset is priceless. The captain is also the chef, the lieutenant and the crew, all provide you an excellent service. There are sea food and other dishes, you can ask by phone for choices, even ask if they can prepare a special dish. An experience to repeat.

Duetto Pizza and Gelato

As the name says, pizza is its main dish, all people say its very good. The ice cream (gelato in Italian) also is delicious because it is home-made (not machine-made). However, not only their food is good, the service is excellent and friendly. Besides, prices are reasonable or low. Maybe the only complain you could have (and hear) is that the place is small, but a massive restaurant will lose the charming that Duetto Pizza and Gelato has.

Garbo’s grill

You should know that Garbo’s Grill is considered the best restaurant in Key West. Perhaps is not a big place but it has the charming of a nice country family restaurant. It is a bit tricky to find even in a small town as Key West. All the food is made in the moment, prices are reasonable and the service is very good, your will feel as a king or queen. Tacos, burritos, hamburgers, and other “small dishes” are very delicious, and the bar is well provided.

Paseo restaurant

key west transportationIf you were looking for the perfect mix of “good, nice, and payable”, this is your place. Paseo Restaurant serves fast food, but perhaps we could add that is not the typical one that you find in a common food court mall. This is home-made food, made by a cooker that speaks Spanish and prepare many kinds of sandwichs, tacos, burritos, hamburgers, there are many sauces not only the usual ones. The way they serve the corn you’ll only find it here. good environment, good service, and good prices, what else?

Santiago’s Bodega

If you’ve hear about the Spanish “tapas”, this is your place. The food has clearly Spanish influence not only for their main dish “tapas” but also the other dishes available (lomo de ternera con queso blue, camarones con chorizo, salads, etc.), a great wine stock. Good service and nice place. Only thing is, this reastaurant is not in the common tour, so you have to find it by yourself, however, booking a table is advisable, always full, specially in high season.

Kaya Island Eats

Perhaps this is the most international restaurant in Key West. You can find dishes from Cuba, Thailand, Korea, and many other choices for an Asian-American fusion. The place is very nice and the waiter and waitresses are friendly and well informed about the dishes and the beverage list. Usually the chef itself receives you. Good prices and booking are things to consider in forehand.

New York Pasta Garden

As the name says, here you can find mainly pasta, but we should add that it is fresh, delicious, and well served (big dishes). The lasagna, the veal parmigiana, the salads, seafood, all is fresh and made in the moment. The owner and the staff are friendly, and the wine (and liquor list) are remarkable. To have a lunch or dinner in the outside tables are the best to enjoy the food and the landscape.

These are some samples of the best places to eat in Key West. As you read, many of them are well known, have good food, and are kind of small. A limo service Miami to Key West would help you to get there in a confortable way, enjoy all the Florida Key landscape, and look for the next restaurant if it is crowded and you prefer a quiet one.


Title: Key West: 7 Best Restaurants
Description: Key West is perhaps the most famous key from the Florida Keys.