Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Havana, a piece of Cuba in Miami Beach

Little Havana, a piece of Cuba in Miami Beach

There is a whole world inside the famous Florida. An example of it is the town of Little Havana, located in Miami Beach, has value significance for thousands of Cubans that came to the United States decades ago to be part of the “American dream”. Also, they brought with them their customs and gastronomy that are now included in the tourist packages in this place.

What can you find in this city?

An immediate response is “a lot”. First of all, there are handmade cigars in its markets for the smokers. There is also the Walk of Fame for famous artists leave their seal there.

But what definitely stands out about Little Havana is its popular Eight Street. Here you will smell exquisite coffee and find the best of Cuban cuisine offered by its local restaurants.  It is very comfortable to take a cup of coffee in one of these locals outdoors.

Who live in this town? Friendly people looking for sharing their kindness to visitors live here. Probably, you will have no problems in building a friendship with them who are characterized by their love to life.

Enjoy the Cuban rhythm in the Southern United States

Visit this part of Florida to get amazed with the best places that it has for you. Visit it by comfortable car service Miami Beach with chauffeur and avoid problems related to traffic congestion and punctuality.