Friday, October 31, 2014

Miami downtown with Transmiami

A car service, a good way to enjoy the Miami Downtown

Miami offers excellent attractives in their beaches, districts, or malls, many of them very near to the Miami downtown. But, have you ever thought that the downtown itself is also a good place to visit? Yes, in the downtown you will find how is the typical life of the Miami people, the center of the city that attracts visitor from all the world as tourist or businessmen. There is nothing better than having a car service Miami

We can recommend you some of the essential places. Bayside Blaster, where you can take  a boat to see a nice landscape of the city from the sea point of view.  Biscayne Boulevard, beyond it you will find the oldest Catholic church in Miami. Bayfront Park, a place next to the beach where you will see a splendid view of the Biscayne Bay and Miami port. The Brickell bridge, the obelisk style, the Liberty tower, are other interesting things to see.

As many places that worth to pay a visit, the best way to know the Miami downtown is in a vehicle, cause it makes more sense to have your car (in order to move from one point to the next one) than using the public  bus service that has schedules to fulfill while having a car you control your time. Besides, if you come with kids, it is more practical and easier in a car. One option is to hire a Sedan service miami

According to this, we could provide you a good car renting to help you to enjoy your visit to the Miami downtown; a nice sedan, a sport SUV, even a limousine (whatever fits better your way) we guarantee security, comfort, and style. In addition, we can add a chauffer if you prefer not drive in order to worry just for your fun and family, just try us. Transmiami can help us to give it a Miami car service