Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gente De Zona, the best Cuban reggaeton group in Miami


Enjoy the coming Gente de Zona concert by comfortable Miami car service

News from Miami airport transportation: Reggaeton is a well-known kind of music with many singers and groups that has in the young people their main fans. One of the kinds of reggaeton is the Cuban reggaeton, and the best group is Gente De Zona, a group founded by Alexander Delgado in 2000. Their name comes from the slang term for “people of the neighborhood”.

They combine the reggaeton rhythm with some of the traditional Cuban forms of music, so they develop a very interesting mix or fusion very attractive for the young people adding original Cuban music. Considering that there are many Cuban inmigrants or progeny who live in Miami (just consider that there is a Little Habana), and that Cuba originates many of the Latin musician the world, you can´t miss the chance to attend this concert.

Maybe you thought that the concert will be very crowded and you hate to drive and “swim” among a crowd of young people and cars, wasting your time and patience. However, it would be a mistake to miss your favorite music, there is a way to go to the concert and avoid all the annoying part, a special Miami car service to take you to the concert and pick you up after it.

So, think no more, this November 1st  is the concert, you just have to contact us and select when and where you want us to pick you up,  and tell us the kind of vehicle you prefer: a nice sedan, a sport car, or maybe a limousine (the perfect way to impress your couple or friends). We are less than a week so book your Miami limo rental today. Try us, you’ll receive the best service you deserve; punctuality, security, and comfort.