Friday, December 26, 2014

Miami Limo for Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

miami limo for gulfstream park racing casino

Meet the best place for gambling on horses or cards in Miami

Miami Limo has news for you: Horses have been for a long time the major transportation men had had. Naturally, the competitive spirit made them wage about what horse was stronger, bigger… and faster. So, for centuries, the horse races were an entertainment that attracted many people, developing a huge business around horses; breeds, trainers, balance food, jockeys, and… bets.

One of the best places to bet on horses in Miami is the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, located in Hallandale, FL, at the north of Miami. You feel the emotion of the horse races even if you don’t bet. Besides, you can play the typical card games as poker or blackjack, and try your luck in spot machines.

Do you want more? In addition, there are good restaurants to recover energy for more action in the wages, and a shopping center to change of activity for a while. No matter what you want to do, the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino has it, just ask for it.

Miami limo transportation to arrive with style

As you surely know, a car is the best way to reach any place in Miami, and the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is not the exception to the rule. Therefore, we have available luxury and elegant chauffeured Miami limo for you. Check our Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine or our fabulous Hummer H2 Limo. We have different luxury cars for each occasion, check our fleet listed below. Get a quote and enjoy the best of your traveling. You won’t regret it.