Monday, October 05, 2015

Miami Limo for the Italian Film Festival (IFF) 2015


Movies. Despite the fact that internet plus smartphones are challenging TV and movies as entertainment, movies are still one of the most popular ways to spend a nice time. First, they make you go out, a funny and relaxing time for many people. Also, movies have the best special effects and stories (well, almost always). Besides, go to the movies can be shared with family and friends, while internet is a one person activity (even when you play a game with other people in internet). Therefore, no surprise that Oscar awards are so expected and powerful. Neither that there are many famous film festivals in the world.

This time we would like to talk about The Italian Film Festival. As you surely guess, it is about Italian movies (what a surprise). Well, as many festivals, the Italian Film Festival is a non-profit organization (founded in 2002) present in Florida to publish the Italian culture through their cinema. This festival has been held in Atlanta, Miami, Pelham NY and Auburn AL. This time it will be developed in Miami on Columbus Day weekend.

What can you find in the IFF?

Basically, there are many kinds of films: you can see documentaries on many themes, short films, films that are competing in other festivals, tributes to the greatest Italian cinema stars. There is an opening cocktail as well as a closing dinner (among other cocktails and meals). Of course, there is an award ceremony for the best films, according to the features to be remarked. There are “after parties” every night in different clubs, and many other events related to the entertainment Made in Italy all throughout October.

It is a custom for the IFF to show 10 new unreleased films at the Regal Cinema of South Beach to compete for the best film award which is decided by the public that go to see the movies. An interesting and democratic way to choose the best movie, as well as see the public preferences.

As many countries, Italy has a good film industry which produces many films a year; comedies, dramas, fiction, horror, fantasy, historic, with actors and actresses that are stars very popular overthere, and sometimes they are known beyond Italy or Europe, such is the case of Monica Belluci, Sophia Loren, Marcelo Mastroianni, Roberto Benigni, Franco Nero, Gina Lollobrigida, or directors as Federico Fellini, many have worked in Hollywood.

How to get to the IFF?

A film festival is a glamorous occasion whenever and wherever it is made, and Italy cinema could not be the exception, being Italy a world cultural center. Since it will be held in South Beach, a well-known cultural district of Miami, and there will be many dates with films, cocktails and dinners, it could be a good idea to take a private service to pick you up, take you there, and return you. In this way, you will have many advantages such as:

*A professional chauffeur which knows all Miami (not only South Beach), who will make all the driving work as deal with the traffic and look for a parking place or take care of the vehicle. In this way, you can worry just in enjoying the festival, have a party or some drinks without thinking about the car situation or driving back home. Punctuality, politeness, and good service are the qualities you will enjoy with them.

*A nice ride. You could choose among many vehicles with total security that all of them are in perfect condition, but most important, they are modern, luxury, and will match the style you show when arriving or leaving the festival. Comfort, security and luxury are their features.

Therefore, in this occasion we suggest to take a Miami Limousine service to attend the festival, as many movie stars, you will be another star in this festival. Just try it, you will be fully satisfied.