Monday, June 02, 2014

Miami is my destination when vacationing!

Miami is my destination when vacationing

When it comes to vacationing, one of my favorite cities I usually visit is Miami. You may be wondering Why? Well, the thing is that this city has many places with the latest technology and the trendiest clothing in its wonderful malls.  My favorite mall? It is kind of difficult to mention one, but one of the most visited for me is the Dolphin Mall.

This fabulous shopping center located in Miami at 11401 NW 12th Street has a great variety of accessories, from clothes to high-tech devices. On the other point, if you want to know what the favorite place for sushi is, let recommend you the Sushisamba Miami Beach or the Ozzi Sushi Bar. In fact, there are others which are good, but these are my favorites. At Miami, you will find exquisite delicacies from different countries.

Finally, I always rent a safe and comfortable transportation when coming to this city with my family. That’s why I choose the professional Sedan Service Miami provided by this company. It brings me style, elegancy, safety and confidence. Alex, the driver, is like a friend for us. Because of him, I visited the zoo, the Vizcaya Museum, the Miami Museum of Science, and others. If you are reading this content, don’t miss the chance to have a memorable experience.


Giovanna Di Salvo

Rome, Italy


30 years old