Thursday, December 11, 2014

Miami sedan service for Miccosukee Indian Village

miami sedan service for indian town miccosukee

Rent Miami sedan service to visit the Indian town Miccosukee

Miami sedan service has a new destination for all of our travelers: Miccosukee is an Indian town placed in the Everglades since the middle XIX century, when they escaped from the Seminole wars and were forced to stay in an Indian reserve. It must have been tough to leave their original homeland; however, it was about to disappear as culture or moved to a hard land as Everglades. They chose the challenge and migrated.

The almost 500 Miccosukees that remain, have re-created a traditional town with huts called “chickees”, open huts with palms as ceiling, an art and cultural museum to keep their memory, and a pool where the modern hunters performed a fight with caimans, which are without weapons in their hands.

Start your adventure with comfortable transportation

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