Thursday, january 01, 2015

New Year’s party in Miami

car service miami new year 2015

Car Service Miami to Bay Front Park

News from car service Miami. Christmas is a family celebration, but New Year’s night usually means a party with friends and enjoy the events that Miami can offer you. Time to forget the bad things you could have spent this year and receive hopefully the new year in a joyful party is a way to hope that this coming year will be as funny as the party.

It is very advisable to spend the last hours of the year in Bay Front Park, where it is traditional to wait for the “Big Orange” with an explosion of incredible fireworks to announce people that the new year has come to Miami. Since the afternoon you will be (and hear) music bands joining every event that will be made. You can enjoy this show with your family or friends, no way they let you down. After that, there will be many places to continue your celebration; discos, restaurants, parties, and so on.

Receive the new year 2015  with us

Since there will be many people at the park, and probably the streets will be full of cars, it is a good idea to book a car service to move yourself (and family or friends) from one point to the next one, in this way you are not worry about parking or your car, and you are able to have some drinks. Transmiami is one of the best companies for this service.

Transmiami has more than 15 years providing an outstanding service for its clients that rely in the company. Punctuality, security, comfort and luxury are the features of our exclusive car service Miami. Many vehicles to fit your necessities and an experienced staff of chauffeurs guarantee that we always think in the best way to serve our customers. Try us, we can help you to spend an incredible new year’s night.