Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Visit the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo with Limo Miami

Brief intro

Perhaps you have heard about the Florida Keys, an archipelago (group of islands) at the south of Florida. They are the southest territory of USA, and represent a real beach paradise which attracts thousands of tourists every year due to their tropical beach resorts and facilities, as well as the warm treat of the people and good weather all the year. They are formed by almost 1700 islands, many of them very short, being Key West, Big Pine Key & The Lower Keys, Marathon, Islamorada, and Key Largo the main islands.

All these good points makes the Florida Key an important relaxing point with tropical features, advisable for vacations, wedddings, getaways, weekends, or any time you want to spend a nice time in a paradisiac beach.

Regarding Key Largo, it is the biggest key (around 150 square kilometers) located at the north of the Florida Keys. It is part of the Monroe County and it is mainly reached by the Overseas Highway number 1. By the way, in Spanish, “Largo”, means “long”, maybe because it has around 53 kilometers as length (by far the longest among keys).

Being the nearest key to Miami, Key Largo is the easiest key to visit, and among their many hotels to stay for a while, we could mention: Hampton Inn Key Largo, Island Bay Resort, Ocean Reef Club, and Holiday Inn Key Largo. This time we will talk about the Ocean Reef Club.

Ocean Reef Club

This is perhaps the principal resort in Key largo, it has many interesting features to make the experience here an unforgettable one. Among its best characteristics, we have:

Membership: as any club, it is not the same being a visitor than being a member. You can be a member if you get sponsor from 2 members. There is also a higher class membership, the Equity membership to have your own dock. Also, required that 2 members to sponsor you.

Real state: you can have your own property into the club, which means to have your own house to spend your time, as long as you desire, with your loved ones.

Recreation and sports: relax and fun are the one of the main features of any club, and Ocean Reef is not the exception. There are many facilities such as a good spa, fitness center, tennis center, activities as summer camps, reef club kids, shopping, fishing & charters, and other water sports, golf fields to play or even get training.

Food: an important part of ourt time is the meal time. There are many restaurants to taste the best food you can find in Key Largo or even Florida. Besides the restaurants, there are lounges and cooking classes if you like to improve your skills.

Accommodations: there is a large range of choices for you to stay here; there is the inn, with allthe services and amenities of a luxury hotel. Perhaps you prefer a luxury vacation rental in condominiums and villas, many with private spas and pools. Or even the lodging rates, the inn features guest room. Many choices to have the chance to stay here and enjoy all the advantages.

Marina: one of the best features of being in the keys is the beautiful sea you can enjoy. There is a dockmaster service to dock your vessel if you arrive in your boat instead of the overseas highway. Fishing is one of the most popular activities to perform as deep-sea fishing, bonefishing, reef fishing or back country fishing, full of challenge and fun. Among water sports, all possibilities are available whether above or under the water.

How to get there

As you can see, the Ocean Reef Club is and luxury and exclusive club located in the nearest Florida Key (coming from Miami) with all the facilities and natural landscapes as a tropical beach paradise can offer you. Therefore, since you have to choose a spacious and comfortable vehicle  to make the trip there, we suggest to take a Miami Limo service, which match the luxury and style of the club that you are going to visit.