Friday, May 16, 2014

Orlando received 59 millions of tourists in 2013

Orlando received 59 millions of tourists in 2013

Orlando received 59 millions of tourists in 2013 according to Visit Orlando. That will produce approximately 50 thousand millions of dollars for direct and indirect sales. Consequently, that categorized it as one of the most visited cities in the United States.

The majority of tourists are from other American cities

According to that company CEO, George Aguel, this number is 3,5% more than the one in 2012, highlighting that the majority of visits of the previous year come from other American states. That is almost 90% of the total, and the rest 10% comes from Europe and Asia.

“If for one hand the real economic significance hasn’t been stated, this should be remarkable if we remain that it reached about 52 thousand of millions of dollars two years ago”, the executive said during a press conference.

Other sectors in Orlando also increased

On the other hand, Visit Orlando stated that the job opportunities have increased due to the increasing of visits to this city. And the exclusive car service Miami Florida with chauffeur has increased too.