Friday, May 30, 2014

Paul McCartney is coming to Jacksonville this June 22

Paul McCartney is coming to Orlando this June 22

The very famous guitarist Paul McCartney is coming to Jacksonville this Sunday, June 22 to gives an awaited show. In fact, thousands of his fans are amazed and already got their tickets to don’t miss this event.

The eternal Beatle

Originally from England, this man is one of the most media songwriters of the world although that is a result of the fame he got by being an integrant of the classic rock band The Beatles whose music maintains as the favorites for millions of people despite the years passed.

Since the 60 decade of the last century, Paul McCartney has reached many achievements for his artistic career. He also offered his work to accompanied more than one American or European movie. That shows the quality of his large list of discographic productions.

Discover more about this show in person

If you are one of the fans of this well-known artist, request sedan car service Miami Airport with chauffeur in the city and go to Jacksonville to enjoy the most with his musical compositions. Now you have the decision.