Friday, May 16, 2014

Key Largo: The perfect month to discover it

Key Largo: The perfect month to discover it

Thousands of people want to discover the touristic attractions found in Key Largo, which is one of the tropical islands located in the Florida Keys. However, there has been little information about the average temperature per season for this city. So, take a look at the lines below and know a little more about it.

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From January to March

At this period of time, the temperature is up to 22 degrees Celsius. There is a mild climate but it is kind of cold at night. However, it can be managed without any problems.

From April to June

The heat is higher in the second trimester of the year. It reaches to 26 degrees Celsius. In this period of time, nights are fresh and appropriate for long walks around the beach or streets.

From July to September

It is the hottest time in Key Largo, where the temperature reaches to 30 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to sunbathing after 2pm, before it the weather is very hot.

From October to December

From October, the temperature gets down up to 24 degrees Celsius. This is a good time for vacationing and tourism.

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