Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sedan Service for the best French restaurants in South Beach

A French restaurant

First, what is a restaurant? …..What a silly question is it? Everybody knows what a restaurant is; it is a place to eat food, simple. Well, that’s right, however, we are aware that not only to eat food and gain energies, it is a place to relax for a while, to enjoy the delicious appetizers dishes or desserts that suggest the chef, or discover a new dish we will have the pleasure to taste. Besides, it is a perfect place to share with your couple, family, or friends; think about a romantic night (usually in a dinner with chandeliers), think about a happy family time (lunch in Sunday), or a funny time with your friends (having a meal for the birthday of someone). Then, a restaurant is something else that a place to eat food.

After that, what is a French restaurant? It is a place where you can perhaps find the best cuisine in the world, the most famous for their variety, their long tradition, the daring ideas to renew or fuse recipes, and for the best atmosphere for an elegant or romantic meal. All these features and more you will realize are true if you have the pleasure to visit a French restaurant.

Where to go

South Beach is located in one of the best neighborhoods in Miami Beach to have a nice time, whether in the beach, shopping places, discos, or restaurants, having Ocean Drive as the main avenue to find them. As many places that receive the tourists with the best, South Beach have many good French restaurants so citizens and foreigners can find the best of the French cuisine when they want to eat something good. Among the best places, we have the following:

Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant: if you ever wondered what could be to have a French dinner in Paris, you do not need to take a flight overthere: you just have to go to Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant, located at 538 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, where you can think you are in a restaurant in France. In these days of fast food, it is a great surprise to find a restaurant which serves fresh food, and you will notice since the first bite. Sauces and cooking style tastes as if made in France itself, crepes and desserts seemed imported from France just in some minutes, special and usual dishes are made with the same rigour as any chef in France could put in their art made cuisine. Do not forget about their huge offer of French wines and champagnes, a French gift to the world.

Colette French Bistro: A bistro is the typical town restaurant in France, has humble origins and now a seal of haute cuisine in all the world. The Parisian style you can find in Colette is wonderful; frisee aux lardons salad, tartars of beef and salmon, escargot, Dijon mustard vinaigrette, nutella cookies, herb sauces, garlic butter, wines, champagnes, even the water has the French look and odor. The friendly service and treat complete the idea that you are in Paris having a meal. it is located in 1223 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

La Gloutonnerie: As we saw in the intro, serve French food do not make it a French restaurant, it is beyond the food itself. La Gloutonnerie makes you think you are in France, all the atmosphere is Parisian, all the details are outstanding and professional. A perfect service, polite  and helpful; fresh ingredients you feel in typical dishes such as crepes & waffles, omelettes, pastries and desserts; wines deserves a complete chart to choose what pleases more or fits better to your meal time.

How to know these places (and others)

As you saw, a French restaurant is a special place to spend a nice time and enjoy the food, the service, and the elegant place to have meals (in this case) in the beauty South Beach. Being not so near and not so far away, and knowing that one wine bottle is never enough for a good lunch or dinner, a sedan service would be the best way to go to these terrific French restaurants without any concern about traffic, your own vehicle, or one more wine