Friday, December 19, 2014

Sedan Service Miami for Lake Okeechobee

sedan service miami for lake okeechobee

A special place to enjoy activities in the water

Sedan service Miami has news for you: What has in common almost all the touristic places in Miami, Florida? They share the beach as one of their main attractions. However, there are other ways to enjoy activities in the water. Lake Okeechobee is one of them. This lake is one of the biggest lakes in USA and it is located in the middle of Florida, someone call it Florida’s inland sea or the big “O”.

It has the Herbert Hoover Dike, made in 1928, a huge construction to held the water. Around the dike there is rich earth for agriculture that has in the sugarcane its main production. In  Clewiston “the America’s sweetest town” (for the sugar) you will find the major vacation’s offer; tours to a sugar farm, boat cruises, fishing activities for the catfish and black crappies, hike or bike a challenging walk, get in the 110 mile lake Okeechobee scenic trail, camping places, comfortable hotels and resorts, and many other country activities.

A great trip with Sedan service Miami

As many attractions near Miami (it takes around 2 and a half hours by car), the best way to get there is by a personal vehicle because it is more useful to have your vehicle, this means you control your time and choose freely where to take a rest or have lunch or just stop to see something that you have curiosity to check.

Regarding this need, we could provide you a good rent a good and comfortable sedan service Miami with chauffeur make easier your visit to Lake Okeechobee. This could be a nice sedan, a sport SUV, a spacious Van, and any choice you make we guarantee to you security, comfort, and style. Take a look at our fleet above and get a quote online. You will live it!