Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sedan Service Miami per hour

Rent an exclusive Lincoln Town Car per hour

lincoln town car sedanIn Miami, it’s very common to rent Sedan Service Miami with chauffeur for a certain number of hours. You may ask why? Let’s suppose that you are attending a wedding of a very close friend or familiar.

You need a pick up from your home to the church, from the church to the reception, and so on. In other words, you are not very sure about how many transfers from one point to another you will need to and you don’t want to be in hurry that day.  

Benefits of renting a car per hour

So, here is the question… Which is more convenient for you? Renting a car for a certain number of transfers or doing it for a certain number of hours? If your choice was the second one, then you are right. By renting a sedan per hour, you will get two very important benefits: relief and money.

No more pressures in your head, no more worries, you can afford all your itinerary with comfort. And best of all, you will save money as renting a car per hour is more affordable in pricing than renting a car for many transfers. Furthermore, in some cases, you can extend your itinerary since you still have time to enjoy the car. What the driver only has to do is following your instructions!

Pricing, hours minimum, and other details

Note that the wedding case is only one of the cases people need a sedan per hour. You can also rent it for a corporate meeting, nightlife in the city, tours and others. The car is up to 3 people and 3 medium-size pieces of luggage. Pricing is $55 per hour plus gratuity and taxes. Get an instant quote for a total price. 3 hours minimum of service. Call us at 786 299 2113 for more details. We will be glad to assist you!

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