Thursday, November 06, 2014

Wings Over Miami museum

Visit Wings Over Miami museum with elegant Miami sedan service

A piece of info from our Miami sedan service: Founded in 1986 by the pilot Kermit Weeks who was an acrobatic champion, this aviation museum has mainly planes from the age of the American aviation pioneers, even some planes from the world war 2. However, you can also find modern planes as the Grumman F-14 Tomcat (Yes, the same model used in the famous 80’s movie Top Gun). The museum is located at the Kendall Tamiani Airport which is at the south east of Miami.

Maybe the Wings Over Miami museum is not as big as other plane museums, however if you are a truly enthusiastic of the aviation or have nostalgia for the classic age of aviation, you can’t miss the chance to visit this museum.

A thing to consider is that the museum (or the same, the airport) is not so near to Miami downtown, therefore the best way to get there and get back with zero traffic congestion is by private and elegant Miami car rental. Besides, if you travel with a big family or many friends, you’d need a big vehicle.

According to this, we could rent you a good car service to your necessity, so you can make the trip in and out the museum. We have cars for all tastes, a nice sedan, a Van, an all terrain SUV, or even a limousine. Be sure that our vehicles are secure, very comfortable, and have style. Moreover, if you prefer to have the complete car service, say the car and chauffer, it can be arranged. Let us make easier your trip, just try us.