Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unleash Your Wild Side in the Clubs and Bars in Washington Avenue SoBe

South Beach or SoBe for some of its patrons is known as the hippest and rowdiest part of Florida, at least in terms of the quality of fun that you can get. But SoBe as a party area is too large; and almost in all corners of the area you'll find a hip party place that offers fun and booze. If you are in area for a long period of time then that's not a problem since you can easily hop from one club to the next. But if you're in SoBe for a short period of time, then it's best not to waste your time with up-and-coming clubs. Go where the party is at its wildest- go straight to Washington Avenue in South Beach. Washington Avenue in SoBe is considered as one of the best-known streets in the area. This is known (and notorious) for hosting some of the world's largest and popular night clubs. The serious partygoer who is visiting South Beach will always try to check out Cameo and Mansion.

Infamous Cameo back in the scene

Cameo is back in the grind and in the scene and offers partygoers in South Beach with better party options. Taking cue from the disco years, this party place in Washington Avenue delivers the goods for party people. This club is located in the Art Deco Movie Theater, and you will find the 10,000 square foot dance room and the 6,000 square foot glass enclosed VIP area. There's also the catwalk that can be found on the second floor that offers space for the bottle service. 

The revival of Cameo leads the revitalization of Washington Avenue and the repackaging of the club is seen by many as a symbol of the rebirth of South Beach as well. The amenities and the building is an experience in itself for party goers. The interior is designed by nightclub and lounge designer Cal Fortis, and only the best and the latest materials available. 

What brings the beat and the tech on the club is the sound system design and installed by Louis Puig and David Padilla. With a fusion of tradition, attitude and tech, Cameo brings back the nightlife in South Beach. The club is open 7 day a week, and from 11pm to 5am. If you are planning to check the site just make sure that you arrive early.

Get inside the Mansion if you are looking to party with hot girls. This is the biggest club in South Beach, and a must-visit for those who take partying seriously. If you are adding Mansion to the list, make sure that you plan your party on weekends, include 'Thirsty Thursdays'. And once inside, be ready to show your style in the main or even the hip hop room. There's a reason why Washington Avenue in SoBe gets all the raves; discover that on your own during weekends the next time you visit South Beach. Leave your old self at the door, and party up once you step on the dance floors of Mansion and Cameo.

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