Thursday, january 29, 2015

The Who, a concert in Miami

The Who performing in Miami

An avoidable concert with The Who, one of the most pioneers rock bands

The Who, the great British rock band will be performing a new concert in Miami on April 17th (Friday) at the American Airlines Arena at 8PM, becoming a new chance to see some of the most famous and successful bands, which has been also called “The biggest rock band in the world”.

However, what is this rock band and what has achieved that is so widely known by many people from decades ago? For instance, they are what we call a pioneer band, performing some characteristics in their music and concerts that were novelties in their beginning but nowadays are commonly assumed as typical rock band features.

In this sense, talk about The Who is talk about one of the British living rock leyends, almost at the level of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Famous for the energy and fury they showed in their concerts that ended with the destruction of their instruments in front of the public. Around 100 million discs, 18 gold disc awards, 12 platinum disc awards, and 5 multiplatinum disc awards give you an idea what is their importance.

A brief biography

The original band was formed by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon. They started to place their hits in the radio with “I can’ explain” in 1965. The next two albums “A quick one” and “My generation” reached the Top 5 in the United Kingdom. Their albums with hits along their remarkable concerts (Woodstock, Monterey, isle of Wight, among others) support a just fame of being an original great rock band.

Even though Keith Moon passed away in 1978, some years later they released the Top 5 album “face Dances” (1981) and the Top 10 album “It’s hard” (1982). These works were made with Kenney Jones as the drummer, however, the band got separated in 1983. They got together in the Live Aid for the 25thanniversary of the band, and for the Quadrophenia  tour in 1996 and 1997. Once again, death hit the band when John Entwistle died in 2002 when they were recording a new album, so this suffer a delay and was released in 2006 called “Endless wire” (A Top 10 in USA and UK).

Their discography, as we saw in the above lines, is full of many Top 5 and Top 10 albums and hits, and they mark some important facts in their biography, so it would be important to mention all of them, as follows chronologically:

·  My Generation (1965)

·  A Quick One (1966)

·  The Who Sell Out (1967)

·  Tommy (1969)

·  Live At The Isle of Wight Festival (1970)

·  Who’s Next (1971)

·  Quadrophenia (1973)

·  The Who By Numbers (1975)

·  Who Are You (1978)

·  Face dances (1981)

·  It’s hard (1982)

·  Endless Wire (2006)

Since the band lost 2 original members, the surviving ones had to get the support of new musicians, having changes once in a while, but nowadays the band is formed by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend (as the original ones) and Simon Townshend, John Bundrick, Pino Palladino, and Zak Starkey (as the new ones).  

Being included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the band has magazines as Time or Rolling Stone writing compliments to their perform and legacy, all those things speak about the relevance for their significant and outstanding creative contributions to the field of recording, the way they mix psychodelic rock and the punk rock, let alone their clearly influence over bands as The Ramones or Sex Pistols, among others

On the other side, as many concerts that surely will be crowded, taking a Car Service Miami would be safer and more comfortable in order to enjoy fully the concert. In addition, being a classic band, many generations know their songs so parents and sons could enjoy together the concert.