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8 things you should know about the Miami Marlins

8 things you should know about the Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins is the baseball local team in Miami-Florida, and a well-know one in the National League, East Division. Although a good follower should know everything about his favorite team, perhaps there are some interesting things to know about them, here we present 8 details about our local team.

1. Their original name

The former team name was The Florida Marlins. According to a plan of the Miami-Dade County, they agreed to change their name as part of the contract for a new stadium, the Marlins Park (made where there was the demolished Orange Bowl) and other conditions. Before 2001, the Florida Marlins share the Sun Life Stadium with the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes (American Football teams).

2. Their Commissioner’s Trophies

All baseball fan knows that the top award is the Commissioner’s Trophy that is given to the winner of the World Series. The Miami Marlins has twice won this award: in 1997 and in 2003. On the other hand, the New York Yankees is the team that has won more times this championship: 27 times.

3. What’s a Marlin?

If you’ve just seen the new logo of the Miami Marlins, perhaps you could wonder what means “Marlin”, however, if you had seen the old logo (Florida Marlins), you know that a Marlin is a fish, which has a long upper jaw similar to a big sting or spear. This big fish is common in the Caribbean sea and Mexican Gulf, and is a relative of the well-known swordfish.

4. Another names

It is not uncommon to have some nicknames, whether for some player or even the team. In the case of the Marlins, other names are “the fish”, “Miracle Marlins”, or “the fighting fish”. Fact is, people like to link themselves with some animal with features that they share (or feel identified), and the Marlin is a big, strong, and fighting fish, seeked for sport fishing because it is difficult to get, even dangerous.

5. The Marlins Park

Built where there was the old Miami Orange Bowl, this stadium is located in Little Havana (a well-known Cuban neighborhood), so it is around 3km from the Downtown. It was finished just in time for the 2012 season. Having a capacity of 37442 seats, it is the smallest stadium by capacity in the major League Baseball.

6. All Star Game 2017

On February 13th 2017, it was announced in Marlins Park that the Miami Marlins will host the Major League Baseball (MLB) All Star Game in 2017. This year the host will be Cincinnati and San Diego in 2016.

7. The biggest sport contract in USA

In USA it is a custom to break the top records, and the Miami Marlins broke another one on November 19th2014, with the player Giancarlo Stanton, when the owner of the team, Jeffrey Loria, signed a contract with Stanton that states the player will earn us$325 millions for 13 seasons. By far, the biggest contract in USA sport history.

8. Some features about the biggest contract

Things do not happen by random, and this huge contract with Stanton was not the exception. One of the biggest reasons to make such a contract was to ensure a very good player for many seasons so he can lead the others and keep a team. Usually players change of team (for directors or themselves) and it brings instability in a team. Besides, although they were trying to save money in the last years, 12 years without being part of the playoffs forced them to take fearless actions.

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Title: 8 things you should know about the Miami Marlins
Description: The Miami Marlins is the baseball local team in Miami-Florida, and a well-know one in the National League, East Division.