Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The weather in Pompano Beach

The weather in Pompano Beach

The diversity of the weather in South Florida usually surprises tourists sometimes positively sometimes a little negative. You can see that in the city of Pompano Beach, as many foreign people come for vacationing with friends or family. So if you are planning on visiting this city, we suggest taking a look at the list below and see which the time better is for your trip.

The weather per month


21 degress Celsius.


26 degress Celsius.


29 degress Celsius.


23 degress Celsius.

As you see the best time for visiting Pompano Beach comes from January to March and October from September. In those seasons the climate is good for sunbathing, doing some water sport or taking a dip in the beach. In the other months, the climate is near 30 degrees Celsius. You can come here but always with sunscreen. If you use it, everything will be fine.

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