Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where to Stay in South Beach: From Art Deco Inspired to Beachfront Hotels

Where to Stay in South Beach: From Art Deco Inspired to Beachfront Hotels

When it comes to accommodations, South Beach offers no headaches (at least if you have the means). There are multiple options to choose from, and your option may be dependent on the reasons why you are in South Beach area in the first place. If you are here for some arts and culture immersion, then miami limo service recommends that the hotels and accommodations in Art Deco style will be the best fit.

And if you are after the fun under the sun and in the sand and under the glittering lights of clubs, then there are the hip hotels that line up Collins and Washington Avenue. So what's the main reason for your R and R in SoBe? From there, you can easily decide on your accommodation.

Art Deco-inspired accommodations in SoBe

Our limo miami airport service suggests that a popular choice in the Art Deco community is the Raleigh Hotel located in Collins Avenue, just a block away from the beach. This was opened in 1939, and considered as one of the most hip locations in South Beach area in the 50s, 60s and the 70s. A major selling point and attraction in the hotel is the pool with its 'scalloped design' done in true Art Deco tradition. This hotel has been renovated from 1990 to 1993 to give Raleigh a touch of modernity. 

As part of the renovation process and as a way to preserve the identity of the hotel, the designer and developers combed thrift and second-hand shops to find real treasures and furniture pieces that can be added to Raleigh. The result is a pumped-up hotel with Art Deco flavorings. Here's one piece of trivia about the hotel. At the top of the hotel is the so-called 'De Niro Suite'. The story is that whenever De Niro is in South Beach, he always asks for the same room.

Go all out with Delano

Art Deco-inspired accommodations in SoBe

If money is not a problem and you want to live the South Beach life in style, then miami limousines services recommend that a room at the Delano will seal the deal. A hotel in Collins Avenue, the Delano offers everything in style and excess. This is the hotel to go if you want to look and feel rich and special at least for the weekend. And yes, most of the guests do look rich and ready for the party for the night. 

The crowd and the design of the place feels like 'New York' and if this is the kind of glamour that you are looking for, then Delano is your 'it' hotel. The interiors are mostly done in white, including the rooms and the sophisticated traveler will feel at home.

You don't have to pay a premium to experience style, Art Deco and South Beach experience. There are other hotels that are modest enough yet, carry the same punch. a good example is the Park Central Hotel at the southern end of Ocean Drive.

So, do not think anymore! There are no more excuses to come to South Beach and you, your friends or family live one of the most memorable experience in your life. Delano and other beachfront hotels are waiting for you all to welcome and make you spend a great day and night in the city. You will love it!