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Suggested South Beach Tours and Day Activities

Most of the activities in South Beach are centered on the sand and the beaches. Aside from swimming and people watching, there are tons of other beach-based activities. And you should be aware of th... more »

Top South Beach Clubs to Meet and Mingle With Single, Hot Girls

South Beach is a clubber's heaven. No matter where you turn to, or where you stay in the neighborhood you can be sure that there's a sure party place in the area. And if you're lucky, you'll just a ... more »

Unleash Your Wild Side in the Clubs and Bars in Washington Avenue SoBe

South Beach or SoBe for some of its patrons is known as the hippest and rowdiest part of Florida, at least in terms of the quality of fun that you can get. But SoBe as a party area is too large; and... more »

Where the Hot Girls at: Discover South Beach's Party Hotels

Whether you're at the neighborhood to party or to simply stand by and go people-watching, you'll find South Beach to be always ready for the job. South Beach is a top destination when it comes to cl... more »

Where to eat in South Beach

Though South Beach, Florida is not known as heaven for food lovers and critics, still there are some food places and restaurants in the neighborhood that help make SoBe popular. And if you are in th... more »

Where to Stay in South Beach: From Art Deco Inspired to Beachfront Hotels

When it comes to accommodations, South Beach offers no headaches (at least if you have the means). There are multiple options to choose from, and your option may be dependent on the reasons why you ... more »

How to Avoid Miami Airport Traffic

Whether you are a frequent or a first time flyer to Miami, it is very important to know about the airport traffic situation in the city. Miami is one of the top most tourist destinations from all ov... more »

Make a Good Business Impression by Hiring Limo for Business Transportation

Make a Good Business Impression by Hiring Limo for Business Transportation If you have an overseas client visiting your office, picking him up from the airport using a good looking limo will most c... more »

Meet the Miami Nightlife

Sophisticated clubs, trend-setting parties, seductive rhythms and hot crowd make the Miami nightlife the most lavish clubbing site in the country. But as you know, nightlife will never be without wi... more »

Miami Travel Tips for the Disabled

Miami is a hotspot tourist destination for the young and old. With its pristine beaches and sophisticated nightlife, it's no wonder Miami is on the top list for places to visit. However, for those w... more »

Spending Your Holiday like a Star in Miami

Do you want to spend your Miami holiday like a star? When it comes to vacation there are some locations which celebrities favor the most. Located on the southernmost tip of Florida, Miami happens t... more »

Sport Fishing in Miami

An Aquatic Escapade for the Family With so many attractions to see, places to visit and things to do in Miami, it can be hard to figure out how to jump-start your family vacation. If you're a fishi... more »

The Pleasure of Taking Miami Limo

If you are a frequent visitor of Miami then most probably you are aware of the hassles one has to face transportation-wise. To get the most out of your holiday, you can hire a limo service in Miami ... more »

Things to Bring for a Miami Vacation

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Miami? If you want to experience an action-packed vacation, there are certain things that should be taken care of prior to your flight. Your budget, destina... more »

Miami lincoln sedan service: Travel Tips

Where to Go When the Weather Doesn't Cooperate During a Miami Vacation Perhaps you're not the kind of person who plans meticulously over spending holidays. Imagine this scenario: the whole family i... more »