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Come to Miami Gardens in style to enjoy the 2013 BCS Championship Game!! The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) National Championship is one of the most important events held in the United States. Th... more »

South Beach Limo

Let me tell you about the last time I went to Miami, it was a memorable experience that I will remember every day of my life. I like to visit Miami, but most of the time I was stressed when it came ... more »

South Beach Limos

There are transportation companies that provide south beach limousines to Miami visitors. However, not all the limousine companies provide a very good quality of service. The first time I came to M... more »

South Fl Limos

I'm Italian, and I traveled to Miami because of business two months ago. It was the first time that I rented a limousine and I won't regret it. I called this company for a quote, and I think the pri... more »

Sobe Limo

Last week, it was my brother's birthday. He was turning 21, and my parents wanted to give him an un-common present. Because he's a very good brother, I suggested my parents to rent a limousine for h... more »

Parks in Miami

Are you looking for wholesome entertainment for your whole family in the city? Here you are a list of some of the most visited parks in Miami: Boomers! Enjoy a great mini golf course, cars races, ... more »

The most popular streets in Miami

There are different places to visit when you come to Miami. You can go to the beach and enjoy the sun. Visit the zoo. Go to the museums and parks. Have a great night in some of its hottest clubs. Or... more »

Miami libraries

If for one hand, Miami is considered one of the hottest spots in the world for its free lifestyle full of entertainment and music. For the other, this city brings a great variety of cultural, historic... more »

Miami candy stores

There are different places to visit when you are in Miami. You can go shopping; have a tour around the city. Have food in an elegant restaurant; go dancing with your best friends. Or just delight yo... more »

Miami cafe

Drinking coffee while taking the sunlight is just great The coffee shops in Miami have a special flavor on people's palates who visit these warm places every day. Thus, we bring you the... more »

Miami stadium

Miami stadium is one of the topics most discussed by people who love sports when visiting Miami. There are several stadiums in the city. However, we are going to mention three of the most ... more »

Mexican bars in Miami

The city of Miami is home to a number of Latin cultures, emphasizing their importance in various aspects such as the economy, customs and entertainment, with emphasis on this last one. Therefore, w... more »

Night shows in Miami

The rumba and amusement can take visitors to unexpected pleasant moments in the city. Thus we share a list of the venues of the hottest night shows in Miami: Opium garden: 136 Collins Avenue, Mia... more »

Swimming Pools in Miami

The city of Miami is well-known by its warm weather year-round. Then, you can take a cool dip to any water places Miami offers as the best beaches on South Beach, splash areas, water parks, or ... more »

Theaters in Miami

The well-known Miami city is not only synonym for hot weather, fresh beaches, swimming pools, nightlife entertainment, etc. The city is also the home for cultural events which come from luxury opera... more »