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Each Wedding Needs a Great limo Miami service

News provided by our limo miami: A wedding is a special time for many couples that desire to join their lives through the ancient ceremony of the wedding, that consist in joining a man and a woma... more »

Typical problems You Could Avoid by Renting a Limo

Value info provided by our Miami Limo: When we think about limos, we usually think about luxury vehicles for rich people able to have such a fine vehicle with a chauffeur, or the fashion way of l... more »

Tips to rent a Limo and Know Miami Nightlife

News provided by our Miami Limousine Service: Miami is a great city with many attractions that worth to be visited. Their wonderful paradise-like beaches, a rich history in architecture and tradi... more »

Peruvian Restaurants in South Beach

Peru is a country located in South America that once was the center of the Spanish Virreynato. For this situation, 3 ways to understand the cook met themselves; the Spanish (conquerors), the Inka (Sou... more »

Japanese restaurants in Orlando

Japan is well known for its high technology devices such as computers or home artifacts. However, a better expression of its culture is their cuisine, which shows many features of Japan such as their ... more »

Nicky Romero in Fort Lauderdale

A DJ is not some guy that play the music in a party or a concert, is a person that knows a lot of music and the preferences of the people, so the meeting is always animated and following the plan of t... more »

Nick Jonas at the American Airlines Arena

Nick Jonas is a famous young singer. Despite his youth (he was born in September 16th, 1992, Dallas, Texas), he is also a musician, actor, producer and musical director. Not bad for such a short life ... more »

History of the Miami Port

A seaport is a place where people and merchandise are moving from one point to another. In the past before planes, it was the only way to transport between continents and the trip took months. Nowaday... more »

Best Restaurants in Little Havana

There is a part of Cuba in the USA, in Miami to be precise, and it is called Little Havana, where many immigrants from Cuba escaped from the Castro’s Dictatorship. In this place, they started a ne... more »

Universal Orlando Resort: 7 Best Attractions

One of the main reasons to visit Miami – Florida, it is the city of Orlando, the center city of the Orange County, best known as a worldwide famous entertainment places such as SeaWorld or Walt D... more »

Coconuts: the best of the American cuisine in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is blessed with nice beaches and a warm weather. There are some people that say life is better in the sea, and perhaps in addition we could say that not only in the sea but also nex... more »

Miami Beach, Its Weather Features Month by Month

Miami Beach has a world image as a tropic Paradise in the civilization. Surely this is an accurate idea, since this place is famous for their lovely beach activities, exciting night life, and extraord... more »

History of the Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale

The Port Everglades seaport is located in the Broward County, Florida. It is shared for 3 city halls as well: Hollywood, Dania Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, but it is usually known only as belonging ... more »

8 things you should know about the Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins is the baseball local team in Miami-Florida, and a well-know one in the National League, East Division. Although a good follower should know everything about his favorite team, per... more »

Key West: 7 Best Restaurants

Key West is perhaps the most famous key from the Florida Keys. It is not only the most west point from the keys (that’s the reason of its name) but the most visited of all the keys. On the other h... more »