H2 Limo (Hummer stretch limo)


The Hummer H2 is known for its very boxed and rugged exterior design, a vehicle for the adventurous and the outgoing. Clearly, the H2 limousine exudes that same aura. This limousine is perfect for passengers who want to party and have a good time. It has the same elegance as any other limo, but it also has this grit and power that very few limos have. If you want to impress and intimidate, the Hummer H2 limousine is definitely your limo.

Best of its look, H2 limos are outfitted with amenities and features that aim to provide passengers with an experience of a lifetime. It can easily sit a dozen passengers (and can fit 18 passengers). However, it's lstorage space is only enough for four pieces of luggage. The H2 limo isn'y really a vehicle you take for long travels.

The seats are trimmed with leather and the flooring has lush carpetting. The ceiling, meanwhile, are mirrored to accommodate that party/disco atmosphere. There are three bench seats inside the H2: the longest one in front of the bar area and two short ones on the rear end of the car.

Because of its size, the H2 limo can be outfitted with the best entertainment systems. This H2 has four flat-screen TVs to accommodate the DC/DVD players and the video game stations. It has a bar area with a built-in chest cooler, laser and strobe lighting for additional atmosphere, and even neon lights.

Besides party amenities, the H2 limo is among the most connected limos available, as it has Bluetooth connectivity and web access.

The Hummer H2 limo is often used for parties: bachelor parties, bridal showers, proms, or even just an extravagant night-out with friends. If you plan to attend a formal gathering or a business meeting, this is not the limo for you. However, if you simply want to stroll around the city while partying with friends, there is no better choice than the H2.