Lincoln Navigator (Suv sport utility vehicle)


The Lincoln Navigator is a SUV vehicle that boasts of an amazing design and offers one of a kind comfort. Although comparable to another popular SUV, the Ford Expedition, the Navigator easily trumps its competition in the market. When it comes to luxury SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator is the best pick for those travelling with their families. It offers elegance without sacrificing space and comfort.

This luxury SUV is a three-row, six-seater vehicle that offers comfortable, leather-trimmed padding. The second row seats are spacious and offers a fold-flat and recline settings for maximum comfort. Of course, climate control is separate for the front seats and the second row seats. The padded armrest has two cup holders and a covered storage. It also has a 110-volt A/C outlet for electronic items such as laptops and video game consoles.

In addition, the front seats of the Navigator can be heated and cooled; the second row seats, meanwhile, are heated.

Although the vehicle is essentially an SUV for six people, the Navigator's third row can sit three people comfortably. If additional space for luggage is needed, the third row seats (either or both) can easily be folded with a press of a button. All in all, this luxury SUV can store more than eight pieces of large luggage. The rear door has a power liftgate option, so opening it is as easy as pressing a button. The flip-up window can also be opened, allowing for easy access to smaller items.

The Navigator's 5.4 liter V8 may not be considered as among the most powerful. However, overall, this luxury SUV delivers top-notch comfort. It's best advantage over other luxury SUVS available is its space (its third row seats are sit three adults easily and comfortably, unlike other SUVS in the market). This alone makes the Lincoln Navigator an easy choice for family travellers.