Lincoln Towncar (Stretch limousine)


If the sedan Lincoln Town Car is one of the most in North American, then the limousine Lincoln Town Car is its just as popular brother. In fact, the stretch limousine Town Car is easily one if the most popular limos in the market. Although the stretch limo version of the popular luxury sedan lacks a few features some luxury vehicles have, it proves to be great in terms of elegance, function, and comfort

Obviously, stretch Town Car has a few advantages over the sedan version of the Town Car. While often used as a limo, the Town Car is still essentially a sedan; hence, it general lacks the space a limousine has. Meanwhile, the limo Town Car can sit up to 10 people (can sit eight people comfortably). Although the exteriors are still low profile, the stretch Town Car has a sleek and chic look that automatically more elegant and expensive-looking without seeming too extravagant. This makes the stretch Town Car suitable for both travel and formal events.

As for the amenities, the stretch Town Car is not lacking. The vehicle has a prvacy divider that closes the passenger area to the front area—a must in any limo. It has a spacious bar area (with chest coolers to boot). The seats are leather-trimmed. Climate control is separate for the passenger area and the front seats.

Of course, any limo has good entertainment features. The stretch Town Car has a standard stereo system, complete with a FM/AM-CD/DVD player and 20-inch flat screen TV on the front area (where the privacy divider is). All in all, it can store up to eight pieces of luggage, although the back compartment storage is a bit limited compared to the vehicle's SUV counterpart.

The Lincoln stretch Town Car provides that professional look with casual entertainment amenities—a perfect combination for the vehicle that can do it all.