Suv ford excursion (Long stretch limo)


The Excursion was a full-size SUV produced by Ford. The biggest SUV during its time, the Excursion was several inches longer than Chevrolet's very own Suburban. But while the Ford Excursion line is no longer available in the market, its stretch limo counterpart is still very much in demand.

The Ford Excursion stretch limo is a 2007 model that can sit 15 people comfortably (it can accommodate a maximum of 20 people, depending on the seating configuration). While not the most spacious in terms of seating, the Excursion is in a solid middle compared to other limos in the market. The limo has the usual bench seating that faces the limo bar, as well as two rows of seats on the rear end of the vehicle (the first back row bench seat can sit a maximum of two people, the second bench seat a maximum of three).

The leather-trimmed interior and the exterior's chrome rims give the car a classy touch.

It can carry around eight pieces of luggage (although at maximum it can carry more than 10, again depending on the seating configuration).

The Excursion has a unique imitation fireplace area for passengers who want a more laidback time inside the vehicle. For those who want a more active stay inside the Excursion, there's the laser and disco light functions and the disco floor and ceiling light functions. The bar area has a built-in ice chest and cooler. Although limo has a built-in sound system, the Excursion limo also has iPod connectivity. Of course, it has the standard privacy dividers and passenger area A/C control amenities as well.

All the function--from the disco lights to the sound system settings—are controlled from the passengers area.

Although not the biggest stretch limousine in the market, the Ford Excursion limo is one of the more reliable limos.