Ford Econoline (Large passenger van)


The Ford Econoline (currently known as the Ford E-line) is the automobile company's only full-size in production. Even with this, the Econoline remains to be the top selling full-size van in America—for over 20 years. 

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As a wagon that's meant for passengers, the Ford Econoline is not exactly a luxury car; it does not offer amenities that one would associate with such vehicles. However, it's great at what it can provide.

For starters, the Ford Econoline can carry up to 15 pieces of luggage and can sit up to seven to 15 people. The front captain's chairs have armrests and can recline. 

The rear row seat, on the other hand, can be adjusted to make way for additional luggage. The front area also has a storage console that provides three cupholders and two storage bins. Since the storage is covered, it can be turned into a makeshift shelf.

As the Econoline is meant for travel, it has a very powerfil towing capacity (available ipon request). The heavy duty Econoline can has a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 lbs (or 10 tons!). 

The van's trailer works together with the car's anti-lock brake system for seamless driving even while carrying a heavy load.

The seats, of course, are soft and comfortable. Its power (the Econoline has a 4.6L EFI Triton V8 engine) is meant for long drives, so its seating capacity and comfort compliments that.

The air-condition is standard and has a separate A/C control for the front and back area of the car (although the air-conditioning controls do not extend up to the rear-end area of the vehicle). 

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It also has the usual entertainment features such as a CD player (standard Econoline models do not have televisions).

The Ford Econoline packs a punch when it comes to power and space. And although it's no limousine, it's no pushover when it comes to comfort.

Ford Econoline - Large passenger van

 Ford Econoline - Large passenger van
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Ford Econoline (Large passenger van)