Mini bus (28-passenger and 36-passenger minicoaches)


There are vehicles you get for the elegance and there are vehicles you get for the comfort. In the case of the Mini Bus, you get a bit of both. Obviously meant for heavy-duty travel, this Mini Bus offers comfort without having to sacrifice style. 

The Mini Bus is best if you're planning to travel long distance with a number of your friends or with several family members.

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This particular Mini Bus has 28 seats. Due to the style of the seats, the vehicle can really only sit 28 people. The seats, however, are spacious; regardless of the passenger's size, he or she will definitely feel comfortable inside the Mini Bus.

There isn't a separate luggage compartment on this Mini Bus, though, so passengers will have to place their things inside the bus. 

This can be a trouble, as it will occupy the passenger's leg room and aisle space. Thus, while the bus is good when travelling with a lot of people, it's not the best choice if you need to bring several items and pieces of luggage.

Just the same, for travels that involve moderate pieces of luggage, the Mini Bus will remain spacious. There is just enough space between seats per row. All in all, the bus has seven rows of seats (four per row).

The windows are big enough to provide ample natural sunlight (a must for long travels). Of course, the Mini Bus has a sufficient air-conditioning system (the vehicle provides A/C vents for each individual seat row).

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As for the entertainment system, the Mini Bus an FM/AM radio stereo with a CD player and surround speakers.

The exterior design of the Mini Bus is classy yet sturdy. It's not exactly a vehicle you'd take to formal gathering, but it has a good enough style that passengers will appreciate.

Mini bus - 28-passenger and 36 passenger mini coaches

 Mini bus - 28-passenger and 36 passenger mini coaches
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