Rolls royce (Antique)


It's a vehicle that doesn't offer a lot of seating capacity. It doesn't have ample storage space as well. And it doesn't boast of state of the art amenities. 

Nonetheless, the Rolls Royce is among the most well-beloved cars in the market. This is because one does not ride a Rolls Royce for the party setting or the new features. 

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One rides a Rolls Royce for its elegance; its chrome grills and wooden lines are clearly one of the kind. 

Considered as an antique brand (although new models are still being made to this day), the Rolls Royce is perfect for formal events and gatherings wherein you have to stand out and exude elegance, style, and class—three words that perfectly define this car.

This two-door Rolls Royce model can sit up to four people (it has two seats on the back and two on the front, including the driver's seat). 

Due to its design, however, it has very small luggage space (thus making it an ill choice for long-distance travels).

But do not be fooled: the passenger area of this ultra luxury vehicle is extremely spacious, affording passengers to have a comfortable, leisurely time. 

It even has a pull-down rear table (the wood has the same design as the wood accents of the car). This makes the car a perfect setting for a picnic-like date while strolling about the countryside.

The leather-trimmed seats and the elegant wood accents give this car its unique charm.

Despite the old world charm, this Rolls Royce has a number of modern features. 

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It has an upgraded air-conditioning system to make any romantic joyride comfortable and a sufficient stereo system. As this is a small sedan, there are no controls for both features on the passenger area.

This classic two-door Rolls Royce ultra luxury sedan is not for every occasion—but it can surely make the occasion it is used for an event to remember.

Rolls Royce - Antique

 Rolls Royce - Antique
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