Lincoln Towncar (Luxury Sedan)

Lincoln Towncar


The Lincoln Town Car has a lot of things going for it. It's one of the spaciest sedans in the market today, being several inches longer and wider than most standard sedans in the market. 

In fact, the Lincoln Town Car is almost as big as a limousine, making it a good alternative for people who want the sleek glamour of the limo without any excesses. It is not one of the top selling American luxury sedans for nothing.

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One of the best features of the Town Car is the comfort it provides. A four-seater sedan (including the driver's seat), its front bench can seat up to three people comfortably. 

Likewise, the two-seater rear area offers plenty of space. It offers a more than 45 inch leg space and sofa-comfortable seats. 

The interior of the Town Car is a low profile, but the leather-trimmed seating and the satin satin accents offers a subtle beauty that's comparable to the most expensive sedans in the market. 

As for storage, the Town Car has a front row and rear seat armrest at the center, both with usable storage. The reat sear storage has two cupholders. The car's back compartment can store up to more than three large bags.

The Lincoln Town Car is also known for providing passengers with a smooth ride. The car's engine is muted, so passengers won't hear a thing even if it's going at full throttle. 

Wind rush may be heard when the car is running faster than 60 miles per hour, although the sound is minimal. Tire thrum is likewise minimal.

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The Town Car's climate options allow passengers to control temperature at the front and rear area of the car individually. It also has the standard heated seats, for additional comfort during colder days. 

Clearly, the Lincoln Town Car has enough amenities and features to match any luxury car. Its low profile design is perfect for individuals who want to enjoy their ride smooth and simple yet still elegant.

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Lincoln Towncar (Luxury Sedan)