Limo miami

Since human beings became “sedentary” (I mean, staying in a place to live), long travels started to decrease among people, except for the traders and pilgrims with a strong purpose to have a trip. However, little travels are current for people who live in a city, because not everything is some blocks from our house. For example, typically we have to take the bus to go to the school which is not next to our house, get a train to arrive to our work, or drive a car to visit our parents whose residence is 3 hours from the city we live in. To spend some hours in a vehicle every day is as common as have lunch.

The point is, we have the necessity to make “little trips” in the city or State in order to fulfill our duties or activities. And not always we have the right kind of vehicle for the activity or the available time to make the transport. Since there is an increasing demand for a quality transport service to help us to accomplish all our tasks, more than 10 years ago Transmiami started to offer its exclusive transport service for people. Among the main transport services we offer we have:

limo miami

Pick up and taking service

How many times there are relatives that come to our city and you have to pick them up from the airport at 3am or from the seaport in the lunch time? Or vice versa, you have to take them to the airport or seaport. Transmiami provides a top service in both cases, so you can continue with your activities while our chauffeurs make the driving work. This service is usually required for foreign people, whether relatives (in sedans, VANs), or clients & suppliers (SUVs, limos).

Moreover, transfers are a popular car service too, to move from one point in Miami to another point in Miami or Florida. For example, you want us to pick your kids from your house and take them to their soccer classes, or you have a party to attend and you need a car service to take you there and pick you up later. Whatever you need, you just have to explain what you expect us to do and we will book your service with the vehicle of your preference.

This service limousine is available for all the State of Florida, so any points into a city (or between two cities) such as Orlando, Miami, Everglades or even Key West are covered for our service.


Miami and many cities in Florida have many attractions that are worthy to pay them a visit. Even though you can take a common tour service, perhaps you hate to be among a crowd or a typical tour pack. In these cases, we can provide you a comfortable vehicle to follow a particular route of your choice so you will see what you want the time you like instead of fitting yourself to a commercial tour route. The rides are from 3 hours or more.

Let’s say you’d like to know the best beaches, so we could visit Miami Beach, South Beach, Hallouver Beach, Palm Beach, and Golden Beach (just to start). Perhaps you prefer the Florida Keys, then we should head to the south through Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West. Or maybe you just want a city tour and spend a time in restaurants, malls, discos, and museums. Easy to be arranged. Vans or SUVs are the most popular vehicles chosen.

Special Events

When we think in a wedding, beyond the party and the white fiancée dress, there is the limo where the bride arrives to the church. If we think in an important business meeting, a limo is the ideal vehicle to join style, comfort and security to get success. A bachelor party could require a VAN to move all your friends from one disco to the next one with a chauffeur that will drive for you. These are the times when you need a suitable vehicle perhaps with style and luxury, so take advantage of our huge fleet of vehicles.